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We created Blade Runner 2049 inspired sounds for for film project

If you think of Blade Runner, one of the first things to flood your mind will be its dark melodic film-noir retro-future music by Vangelis.We recreated Blade Runner 2049 Vibes using our Solaris SFX Library

All of the movie experience would go down to dust if not for unparalleled music scores. It’s the background scores that give dimension to the story. It shapes how we remember the visuals. 

If you think of Blade Runner, one of the first things to flood your mind will be its dark melodic film-noir retro-future music by Vangelis.

Now at Premiere Cuts, we persistently try to bring out the new practice in the industry made available to the rest of the filmmaking community, as easily as it can be.

Inspired by this endeavor we came up with Solaris SFX Library. Which can be used to emulate the same vibes as that of Blade Runner, Interstellar, Lighthouse, etc.

The collection has been precisely categorized so that you can recreate any genre or reproduce any ongoing music trend at will.

Here, we will be showing you how to instill Blade Runner vibes in your film, using a free sound from Solaris SFX Library.

And not just that, we will be giving a bonus giveaway which includes custom-built Blade Runner inspired sounds for absolutely free!

You can follow the tutorial below where we describe in detail how to use some of these sounds in order to give your editing workflow the edge it needed.

Our love for the community keeps us going. We learned a lot from it, and now we want to contribute to it as well.

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