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How we recreated cinematic SFX inspired from Tenet [Free Download]

Inspired by TENET soundtracks, we at Premiere Cut, recreated some of the cinematic sounds and sound effects using our Solaris SFX Library and the results were no less impressive.

While TENET stuns us with its mind baffling plot and never seen before action, let’s also focus on the brilliant work done by Ludwig Göransson, the composer behind TENET.

As indie filmmakers, we all want to give that level of music to our stories and films, be it commercial or music videos. It’s no wonder why so many tremendous efforts are put into making these cinematic sounds, without which the movie viewing experience would crumble.

Inspired by TENET soundtracks, we at Premiere Cut, recreated some of the cinematic sounds and sound effects using our Solaris SFX Library and the results were no less impressive.

We take immense pleasure in knowing our Solaris SFX Library is versatile enough to reproduce such a sound system which can emulate a feature film score. 

Our Sound pack has been precisely categorized so that you can emulate any genre or reproduce any ongoing music trend, at will. From feature films to indie shorts, from Braams and Glitches to Sci-Fi and Retro, Solaris got it all covered giving you a near drag and drop solution

We want to start 2021 by sharing our work with you. You can download our high quality 30+ recreated cinematic TENET sounds from here for free.

Free Tenet Sound Pack

High-quality WAV format, compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro and all other editing platforms (Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve etc.). These sounds are made to empower storytellers and all video editors alike. Your filmmaking experience deserves no less. 

Download now for free and start creating.

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